Fall 2010 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Harvey Newman

ORG California Institute of Technology Title Professor of Physics BIO Harvey Newman (Sc. D, MIT 1974) is Professor of Physics at the California Institute of Technology, and a Caltech faculty member since 1982. He co-led the MARK J Collaboration that discovered the gluon, the carrier of the strong force, at the DESY laboratory in Hamburg in 1979. He has had a leading role in the development, operation and management of international networks and collaborative systems serving the High Energy and Nuclear Physics communities since 1982, and served on the Technical Advisory Group for the NSFNet in 1986. He originated the Data Grid Hierarchy concept and the globally distributed Computing Model adopted by the four LHC high energy physics collaborations in 1998-2000. He is the PI of the LHCNet project, linking the US and CERN in support of the LHC physics program, a PI of the DOE-funded Particle Physics Data Grid Project (PPDG) and a Co-PI of the NSF-funded International Virtual Data Grid Laboratory. He co-founded and chairs the Internet2 High Energy and Nuclear Physics Working Group, is a member of the Internet2 Applications Strategy Council, and he chairs the Standing Committee on Inter-Regional Connectivity of ICFA (the International Committee on Future Accelerators). He is Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder of VRVS Global Corporation (2001 -), and has led the US part of the CMS Collaboration (390 physicists at 38 US Institutions) as US CMS Collaboration Board Chair since 1998.

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