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Two Perspectives on SAML Authentication to Web Services: Thebes, Delegation

Time 11/03/10 10:30AM-11:45AM

Session Abstract

Arnie Miles will be discussing the work of the Thebes Middleware
Consortium. The Consortium is concentrating on leveraging Web Services
SAML to accomplish scalable authentication and authorization across
security domains. Of interest is the High Performance Computing client
and service, which leverages JSDL, DRMAA, and Web Services SAML to
coordinate HPC work between desktop clients and high performance
computing clusters.

In the second half of this session, Andrew Petro will present on
delegated ("n-tier") authentication using Shibboleth and the Enhanced
Client Profile, briefly summarizing recent innovations in the
Shibboleth SP and IdP modules supporting delegated authentication,
reviewing an open source software library for making use of this feature
in Java (e.g., in Java Portlets), and the architecture for implementing
this feature specifically in Jasig uPortal. Delegated authentication
goes beyond end-user single sign-on to achieve authentication of
services to one another on behalf of users. This feature is especially
important and elegant in enterprise portals, which may interrogate and
summarize numerous backing services on behalf of the user to inform the
dashboard experience.


Speaker Arnie Miles Georgetown University

Speaker Andrew Petro Unicon

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Thebes, WS SAML and Federation (pdf)

Speaker Arnie Miles Georgetown University

Speaker Lou Topfl AT&T

media item thumbnail Delegated Authentication with Shibboleth (pdf)

Speaker Andrew Petro Unicon

Speaker Bob Stovall Merit Network, Inc.

Secondary tracks Middleware

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