Fall 2010 Internet2 Member Meeting

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CI Days

Time 11/03/10 03:00PM-04:00PM

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Session Abstract

Supported by a grant from NSF, eight universities are being funded to help support a "CI Days" event at their campus. CI Days are intended to bring together various sectors of the campus (Faculty, IT Staff, librarians, administrators, students and others)to better understand the needs and roles of each sector. This presentation will talk about the CI Days program and some lessons learned to date.


Speaker Kay Hunt Purdue University

Speaker David Merrifield ARE-ON

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail CI Days at the U of Arkansas (pdf)

Speaker David Merrifield ARE-ON

Speaker Stephen Wheat Emory University

media item thumbnail Cyberinfrastructure Days (pdf)

Speaker Kay Hunt Purdue University

Speaker Dennis Skovsted University of Minnesota

Secondary tracks Cyberinfrastructure

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