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Federating Non-Web Applications

Time 11/02/10 04:30PM-05:30PM

Session Abstract

Federated identity technologies, such as the Security Assertion Mark-up Language (SAML), are becoming increasingly popular for implementing Web Single Sign On (SSO).

There is increasing interest in the possibility of applying these technologies to other types of non-web applications (e.g., secure shell) in order to take advantage of the benefits of federated identity - such as strong privacy protection and attribute-based personalisation and authorisation.

This session will provide an overview of active work in this field, including a survey of the use-cases, proposed technical strategies, active projects and relevant standardisation activities.

The goal of Project Moonshot is to develop a general approach to binding federated identity to non-web protocols with the goal of extending its application to a much broader range of use-cases including High Performance Computing and Out-sourcing providers. The project is seeking to standardise its technologies through IETF and OASIS; to implement the technology within commonly used client and server applications; and to support the development of third-party implementations.

Jim Basney from the CILogon project will discuss current practice in grid computing environments such as TeraGrid to support federated authentication to non-web applications including remote login, batch job submission, and file transfer by bridging from SAML to PKI.


Speaker Jim Basney National Center for Supercomputing Applications

Speaker Steven Carmody Brown University

Speaker Sam Hartman Painless Security, LLC

Speaker Rhys Smith Cardiff University

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Federating Non-Web Applications: Current Practice in Grid Computing (pdf)

Speaker Jim Basney National Center for Supercomputing Applications

Speaker Jeffry Handal Louisiana State University

media item thumbnail Project Moonshot (pdf)

Speaker Douglas Allen University of Georgia

Speaker Sam Hartman Painless Security, LLC

Secondary tracks Focus on Federations

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