Summer 2010 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs

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Sunday Tutorials

Sunday Tutorials

Sunday afternoon tutorials are a great opportunity for particpants to get some hands-on, detailed information from researchers in our community. These were the featured tutorials.

BGP Tutorial

The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) has a reputation as an intractable and obscure beast which is at variance with the fundamental role it plays in the operation of the global Internet, as well as large private IP networks. A seemingly innocuous change on one router can have widespread ramifications across multiple domains and even cause large potions of the 'net to cease operating.

We will attempt to demystify BGP by taking a different pedagogical approach to that in most published texts. After a brief recapitulation of the basic principles, the tutorial will concentrate on practical configurations and issues that have been encountered by the presenters. Attendees will learn how the BGP path selection process can be tuned to achieve particular ends, the causes of some recent global routing flaps, how to recognize common problems and our recommendations for best current practice within the R&E community. (This 1/2-day tutorial, given by John Graham [IU], is based on a 1-day workshop that has been offered, several times, to NYSERnet in the past 4 months.)

RPKI Tutorial

Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) is an application of cryptographic keys to the problem of authenticating address blocks, autonomous system numbers, and routes. Like DNSSEC, it authenticates the holder of an address block through the use of digital certificates, and could also be applied to authenticate route announcements. There are a number of different ways to establish trust anchors for these certificates.

This is a hands on workshop/tutorial to setup a "Resource PKI" (RPKI) - a security infrastructure that will enable more secure inter-domain routing. Register for this 1/2-day tutorial to learn more! (Agenda coming soon!)

Network Tools Tutorial

Solving network performance problems can be a time-consuming task. Basic tools like ping and Iperf can sometimes generate more questions than answers. In this 1.5-hour Tutorial, Jason Zurawski [Internet2] will host the Network Tools Tutorial where representatives from amongst the R&E software community will present recently developed or updated network performance and measurement tools:

  • Nick Weaver, UC Berkeley, will demo Netalyzr, an edge network debugging and measurement tool.
  • Jon Dugan, ESnet, will talk about ESxSNMP and Iperf, and
  • Aaron Brown, Internet2, will demo the latest release of the pS-Performance Toolkit.

Improving End-to-End Bulk Data Transfer Rates

Are you or your users having problems moving TeraByte-scale data sets from one site to another? During this 1.5-hour Tutorial, Brian Tierney and Joe Metzger [ESnet] will cover a number of topics related to improving bulk data throughput, including:

  • TCP tuning,
  • NIC tuning,
  • router tuning,
  • what data transfer tools are available, and
  • how to use perfSONAR and other network troubleshooting tools to help diagnose problems.