Summer 2010 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs

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OpenFlow/Software Defined Networking

Time 07/12/10 03:00PM-03:20PM

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Session Abstract

OpenFlow/Software defined networking is a new network architecture that enables innovations by network equipment vendor, operators, application/service providers, and third parties. The architecture uses ideas: (1) separation of data and control planes with a well defined vendor agnostic API/protocol between the two (2) a logically centralized control plane with an open API for network applications and services; and (3) network slicing and virtualization to support experimentation at scale on a production network. OpenFlow networks are being deployed for research and experimentation at several university campuses and within I2 and NLR backbones. An ecosystem of researchers, equipment and chip vendors, providers, and users is coming together around OpenFlow/Software defined networking due to its appeal to different stakeholders of the networking value chain.

This talk will provide an overview of OpenFlow/Software defined networking and summarize various activities.


Speaker Srini Seetharaman Deutsche Telekom/Stanford University

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail OpenFlow/Software Defined Networking (pdf)

Speaker Srini Seetharaman Deutsche Telekom/Stanford University

Speaker Ramiro Voicu California Institute of Technology

Secondary tracks Emerging Technologies

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