Summer 2010 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs

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Access and Analyze Broadband Measurements Collected using M-Lab

Time 07/14/10 09:20AM-09:40AM

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Session Abstract

Measurement Lab (M-Lab) is an open, distributed server platform for
researchers, to deploy Internet measurement tools. Everybody can use
M-Lab's tools to measure their own broadband connection performance.
The M-Lab servers collect logs of all the users' tests and make them
publicly available. As of July 2010, users have run millions of tests
that have generated many terabytes of measurement data.

This talk will present the public repositories of M-Lab data and will
explain how to analyze M-Lab data using Google's BigQuery. BigQuery
stores M-Lab's measurements logs in a table with more than 60 billions
of rows. It takes less than 1 minute to run a query against the whole


Speaker Tiziana Refice M-Lab Project

Presentation Media

Secondary tracks Performance / Measurement

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