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NOAA N-Wave Update

Time 07/13/10 02:10PM-02:30PM

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Session Abstract

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminstration (NOAA) has been working on building a new national research network for their agency.
"N-Wave" initially connects new NOAA HPC sites to several existing NOAA research related centers around the country, and is expected to grow to serve a wide variety of research-related needs in the future.
N-Wave has contracted with the GRNOC at Indiana University for NOC and engineering services, and has contracted with Internet2, NLR, and various RONs in the R&E community for other services. We are currently in the planning and initial deployment phase, and would like to share our plans and experiences thus far with the community.


Speaker Caren Litvanyi Indiana University

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail NOAA N-Wave Update (pdf)

Speaker Caren Litvanyi Indiana University

Speaker Inder Monga Energy Sciences Network (ESnet)

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