Summer 2010 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs

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Emerging Technologies: Cloud Computing, Network Testbeds, and More

Time 07/14/10 10:10AM-10:30AM

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Session Abstract

We will discuss next generation all-optical label switching networking which seamlessly integrates packet, flow, and circuit traffic. It interoperates with GMPLS and MPLS, and it provides extremely low latency (<100 ns) and scalability beyond 40 petabit/sec capacity. Per-channel line rate of 100 Gb/s ~ 1.2 Tb/s has been experimentally demonstrated. We will discuss field trial experiments utilizing installed dark-fiber facility at Sprint spanning 477 km, and new plans for involving Sacramento and Davis area.


Speaker S.J. Ben Yoo University of California, Davis

Secondary tracks Emerging Technologies

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