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Shortest Path Bridging (IEEE 802.1aq)

Time 07/12/10 08:15AM-08:35AM

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Session Abstract

Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) is a new project reaching maturity that will update the IEEE 802.1 Ethernet control plane to link state and enable least cost routing while maintaining the essential properties of the Ethernet data plane.

The Ethernet data plane evolved with the introduction of Provider Bridging (Service VLANs) and IEEE Provider Backbone Bridging (Backbone VLANs and Backbone Service Instances) and IEEE Ethernet OAM (Connectivity Fault Management) . These developments are opening up new possibilities for the increasingly ubiquitous Ethernet.

In SPB, modernization of link state control combined with increasing speed and computation capabilities allow Ethernet forwarding to maintain its properties while increasing the network flexibility. This presentation describes and highlights SPB values applied to the IEEE data plane. We illustrate how the unique combination of Provider Backbone Ethernet data plane and link state provides an efficient and flexible service model. Topics discussed included shortest path tree computation, multipath forwarding, loop prevention and loop mitigation. SPB has properties that illustrate why many people are looking at SPB for highly connected networks such as Data Centers and Cloud computing.


Speaker Donald Fedyk IEEE 802.1aq Working Group

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Shortest Path Bridging (pdf)

Speaker Donald Fedyk IEEE 802.1aq Working Group

Speaker Caroline Whitacre The Ohio State University

Secondary tracks Emerging Technologies

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