Summer 2010 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs

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Collaborative Interactive Infrastructure (Cii)

Time 07/12/10 09:35AM-09:55AM

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Session Abstract

Cii brings together people and tools to work together on infrastructure related issues through a virtual web interface. It does it in a coordinated fashion by establishing a global end-to-end view of resources used to support research and experimentation. Whether it is to improve end-to-end performance, provision infrastructure resources, troubleshoot an inter-domain networking issue, or establish a collaborative reference in support of an experiment, Cii changes how we currently manage and monitor networking and computational resources. It provides a way for information to be shared across multiple domains to provide a collaborative interface that includes experimenters, campus IT, network operation centers and/or infrastructure providers.


Speaker Chris Heermann RENCI

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Collaborative Interactive Infrastructure (Cii) (pdf)

Speaker Chris Heermann RENCI

Speaker Ramiro Voicu California Institute of Technology

Secondary tracks Performance / Measurement

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