Summer 2010 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs

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End-to-end Detection of ISP Traffic Shaping using Active and Passive Methods

Time 07/13/10 08:00AM-08:20AM

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Session Abstract

We present end-to-end measurement methods for the detection of traffic shaping. Traffic shaping is typically implemented using token buckets, allowing a maximum burst of traffic to be serviced at the maximum capacity of the link, while any remaining traffic is serviced at a lower shaping rate. This talk consists of three components. First, we develop an active end-to-end detection mechanism, referred to as ShaperProbe, that can infer whether a particular path is subject to traffic shaping, and in that case, estimate the shaper characteristics. Second, we analyze results from a large-scale deployment of ShaperProbe on M-Lab over the last few months, detecting traffic shaping in several major ISPs. Third, we modify the ShaperProbe detection algorithm so that it can be applied passively on the traffic of any TCP-based application. We apply this passive method in NDT traces, also collected at M-Lab.


Speaker Partha Kanuparthy Georgia Institute of Technology

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail End-to-End Detection of Traffic Shaping (pdf)

Speaker Partha Kanuparthy Georgia Institute of Technology

Speaker Akeo Masuda NTT Network Service Systems Labs

Secondary tracks Performance / Measurement

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