Summer 2010 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs

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Netalyzr Network Debugging Tool

Time 07/13/10 03:40PM-04:00PM

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Session Abstract

Netalyzr ( is an edge network debugging and measurement tool. It combines a Java applet and associated Javascript run within the user's browser to perform active measurements to custom servers we operate at ICSI and Amazon EC2. Tests include basic outbound port filtering, NAT detection, native IPv6 capability, hidden HTTP proxies and caches, DNS behavior, fragmentation, latency, bandwidth, and in-network buffering.

This talk will discuss how Netalyzr's tests operate and results based on more than 100,000 executions of the tool by users around the world. Among the interesting findings are common DNS and SIP aware network proxies, significant problems with fragmentation (with implications for DNSSEC deployment), chronic edge-network overbuffering, and deliberate DNS manipulations.


Speaker Nicholas Weaver University of California, Berkeley

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Measuring Access Connectivity Characteristics with Netalyzr (pdf)

Speaker Partha Kanuparthy Georgia Institute of Technology

Speaker Nicholas Weaver University of California, Berkeley

Secondary tracks Performance / Measurement

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