Summer 2010 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs

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ESxSNMP: The ESnet eXtensible SNMP Framework

Time 07/13/10 02:50PM-03:10PM

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Session Abstract

ESxSNMP is a system for collecting and storing large sets of SNMP data. ESxSNMP uses a hybrid model for storing data using TSDB for time series data and an SQL database for everything else. All data is available via a REST style interface (as JSON) allowing for easy integration with other tools. ESxSNMP provides linkage perfSONAR and to the Graphite graphing package.

This talk will explain about the novel features of ESxSNMP, the design tradeoffs involved with the system and hopefully garner feedback from the community.

The ESxSNMP code can be found at


Speaker Jon Dugan Energy Sciences Network (ESnet)

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail ESxSNMP: ESnet eXtensible SNMP System (pdf)

Speaker Jon Dugan Energy Sciences Network (ESnet)

Speaker Inder Monga Energy Sciences Network (ESnet)

Secondary tracks Performance / Measurement

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