Summer 2010 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs

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Monitoring IPv6 content reachability and accessibility

Time 07/13/10 04:00PM-04:20PM

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Session Abstract

This talk provides an overview of a monitoring effort started about 10 months ago to get a better sense for how much of the current Internet
web content is accessible over IPv6, and also to assess how accessing that content over IPv6 compares to accessing it over IPv4. This is a joint activity between the University of Pennsylvania and Comcast, and monitoring is currently carried out only from these two vantage points although further deployments are planned. The talk will briefly describe the monitoring
system and the methodology behind it. It will then offer general observations regarding the current status of IPv6 adoption based on the most recent data. The system currently monitors about 3 million web sites, including the top 1 million sites identified by Alexa, for IPv6 reachability (whether they can be reached using IPv6) and accessibility (how retrieving content over IPv6 compares to doing it over IPv4). Current results indicate that barely 0.17% of the Internet is accessible over IPv6, and when it is, accessing it over IPv6 is better than doing it over IPv4 for only about 30% of those sites (and even less when considering the top 1 million sites). The talk will then present some preliminary analysis of the data that seeks to classify the reasons for differences in accessibility between IPv4 and IPv6.


Speaker Shumon Huque University of Pennsylvania

Speaker Roch Guerin University of Pennsylvania

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Secondary tracks Performance / Measurement IPv6 Campus Networking

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