Winter 2010 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs

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Network and Data Center Virtualization

Time 02/01/10 03:50PM-05:10PM

Session Abstract

Server virtualization allows enterprises to consolidate applications onto less hardware in order to lower costs. Prior to server virtualization, it was difficult to convert applications between different operating systems. By virtualizing the server it could, in principle, run any operating system (OS), enabling applications to be consolidated without converting them. This is one reason server virtualization has taken off.

Storage virtualization simplifies today's increasingly complex storage environment, allowing organizations to more easily manage their infrastructures and consolidate storage systems from different vendors into one pool of storage.

Storage virtualization usually requires a SAN to go between the storage and servers, and has proven to cause the least disruption to these systems. This approach of placing the virtualization in the SAN between the storage and the server has been around for years yet somehow has languished while server virtualization has become more widely accepted. The problem again lies in the support of so many heterogeneous storage and management systems that the


Speaker Todd Bundy ADVA Optical Networking

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Speaker Todd Bundy ADVA Optical Networking

Speaker Paul Grun OpenFabrics Alliance

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