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FermiGrid - The Fermilab Campus Grid

Time 02/02/10 04:30PM-04:50PM

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Session Abstract

FermiGrid has been an operating Grid across the Fermilab campus since early 2005. This has supported significant shared on-demand access to resources that are managed by multiple organizations. This has enabled use by both global Fermilab user community as well as other science communities through the Open Science Grid.

This presentation will discuss the architecture, including the central and distributed services that have made FermiGrid a highly available and responsive infrastructure together with the plans to extend this infrastructure to meet the future challenges of Grid and Cloud Computing.


Speaker Keith Chadwick Fermi National Accelerator Lab

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail The Fermilab Campus Grid! (FermiGrid) (pdf)

Speaker Keith Chadwick Fermi National Accelerator Lab

Speaker Cas D'Angelo Georgia Institute of Technology

Secondary tracks Campus Networking

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