Spring 2009 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Fostering Learning in Unique Ways between Higher Education and K12 Communities

Time 04/28/09 08:45AM-10:00AM

Session Abstract

Panelists representing efforts between Barrow County Schools and Georgia Institute of Technology as well as Great Plains Network members and K12 schools will highlight innovative work bridging institutions of higher education and the K12 classroom. Barrow County Schools and the Georgia Institute of Technology have partnered together with the goal to bring inspiration back into K12 education - exciting students through Direct to Discovery (D2D). D2D connects middle and high school students directly to leading-edge science and scientists at Georgia Tech using high-speed networking and HD video-conferencing. Dr Eli Welch, principal of Westside Middle School will talk about what it means to the teachers and the students to be able to interact with researchers.

Interactive distance learning and streaming media events are an example of the use of novel technology to stimulate learning in a new way. As part of their K12 effort, Great Plains Network members have partnered to link content and streaming media with other, interactive, Web 2.0 technology in their attempt to foster learning in a unique way. Most recently, GPN members created a supplemental Web 2.0 learning environment that is available to be used by others. Kate Adams, GPN, Randy Stout, KANED, and Linda Rosenblum from the National Park Service will describe this learning environment, how it was integrated into an IDL event presented in partnership with the Brown v Topeka Board of Education National Historic Site and the National Park Service, what was learned from this pilot demonstration, and how others may access this or design similar resources.


Speaker Marshall Chambers Barrow County Schools

Speaker Warren Matthews Georgia Institute of Technology

Speaker Randy Stout Kansas Board of Regents

Speaker Eli Welch, PhD. Westside Middle School

Speaker Linda Rosenblum National Park Service

Speaker Greg Monaco Great Plains Network

Secondary tracks The Future: What's Next for the Net? Teaching and Learning, K20 Cyberinfrastructure

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