Spring 2009 Internet2 Member Meeting

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New Work with n-tier Authentication

Time 04/28/09 03:00PM-04:00PM

Session Abstract

With a few notable exceptions, implementations of Web Single SignOn (SSO) systems have concentrated on solving the problem of single signon to a collection of websites. The advent of protocols and implementations supporting federated SSO has extended the model to include websites managed by different organizations. Attention has now turned toward addressing the n-tier problem. After a user logs in to a website, can that application login to backend services as the user without knowing (and thus compromising) the user's credentials? This session will describe two different approaches being taken to this problem: the Shibboleth-uPortal effort, and Shibboleth + Kerberos.


Speaker Steven Carmody Brown University

Speaker Steven Carmody Brown University

Speaker Thomas Hardjono MIT Kerberos Consortium

Speaker Scott Cantor The Ohio State University

Secondary tracks System and Network Security for Advanced Networks Middleware Cyberinfrastructure

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