Spring 2009 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Collaborative Partnerships - Helping Organizations Achieve their Strategic Objectives

Time 04/28/09 03:00PM-04:00PM

Session Abstract

In a time of resource scarcity, educational organizations are forming collaborative partnerships with other schools and other public organizations within their community to build an IP network mesh to leverage an optical connection to Merit's Educational and Research backbone. This session will provide an opportunity to explore some current approaches to achieving a collaborative approach to building fiber in rural communities. In several parts of Michigan, key community organizations are collaborating to build jointly owned fiber that can benefit all of the organizations and help share costs. In some situations, Merit has helped finance the costs of building fiber laterals to Merit's network, helping to overcome a key hurdle to fiber connectivity.


Speaker Elwood Downing Merit Network, Inc.

Speaker Jason Russell Merit Network, Inc.

Speaker David Zenz Hillsdale College

Speaker Vicky Kropp Alpena Community College

Speaker Cathy Green NOAA/Thunder Bay Marine Sanctuary

Speaker Chad Repke City of Alpena

Speaker JC Morris Hillsdale ISD

Speaker Eric Macey City of Hillsdale/BPU

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Collaborative Community Partnerships (pdf)

Speaker Elwood Downing Merit Network, Inc.

Speaker Marilyn McMillan New York University

Secondary tracks Teaching and Learning, K20 Strategic Planning

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