Fall 2009 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Bob Stovall

ORG Merit Network, Inc. Title BIO Bob Stovall, Vice President of Network Operations and Engineering at Merit Network, has been with Merit for over 20 years and has an extensive background in network engineering.

Currently, Bob provides strategic leadership for Merit's Operations, Engineering, and Network Operations Center departments. Bob has extensive experience in leading teams; he was responsible for the leadership, professional development, and direct supervision of Merit's network engineers. While serving as Network and Operations Engineering Manager, Bob managed the installation of network equipment for a statewide Research and Education network, coordinated internal and external training for staff throughout the organization, and was responsible for the leadership and organization of the network engineers.

Bob has played a vital role in many successful fiber-optic projects throughout his tenure at Merit. In the MiLR project, which involved connecting a fiber ring throughout Michigan and into Illinois, he led a team that was responsible for implementing and installing hardware that was crucial for fiber-optic operations. Bob's team provided network engineering support for the Merit's Blue Line fiber-optic build, which is a 500-mile link that connects many points in Michigan's Lower Peninsula. His team also played a major role in the successful Upper Peninsula fiber project by provisioning and installing hardware to light the acquired fiber and helping to provide connectivity to many locations in the Upper Peninsula. The successful completion of the Upper Peninsula fiber-optic installation completed the strategic goal of interconnecting all of Michigan's Public Universities by a fiber-optic infrastructure. Bob has managed and provided leadership with smaller fiber builds as well; most recent geographical fiber projects include Alpena, Hillsdale, and Iron Mountain.

Bob has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Cleary University and an Associates Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from Jackson Community College.