Fall 2009 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Shawn McKee

ORG University of Michigan Title Assistant Research Scientist, Physics Department BIO Shawn McKee (Ph.D., UM 1991) is a high-energy astrophysicist at the University of Michigan. During the early 1990's he lead the central tracker simulation group as an SSC Fellow on the GEM experiment. Since the demise of the SSC, he has been active in a wide range of physics collaborations: particle astrophysics (HEAT, ACCESS), neutrino physics(COSMOS), high-energy physics(ATLAS) and observational cosmology (SNAP). On two of these collaborations, ACCESS and COSMOS, he led the simulation groups. Common to all these experiments, he has been central to advancing computing technology to address the simulation and data analysis requirements of each experiment. ATLAS, with its multi-Petabyte per year data flow, represents a significant challenge for even the assumed computing infrastructure of 2006. In 2001, he was appointed Network Project Manager for US ATLAS to plan for and develop the necessary network environment to support the US ATLAS computing model. He is co-chair of the High-Energy and Nuclear Physics (HENP) Internet2 Working Group, which is addressing similar problems in the context of all of high-energy and nuclear physics experiments."