Fall 2009 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Network Story

The Fall 2009 Internet2 Member Meeting network was made possible by contributions from a variety of Internet2 Members.

The hotel was connected at 10G to a UT-System switch at the Carrier Hotel at 100 Taylor St. in San Antonio. This switch linked to a UT-System DWDM system. The DWDM system connected to UT-provided commodity internet, and to the Level(3) POP at 1203 N. Frio, San Antonio. From there, it connected to Internet2's backbone optical switch for backhaul to the Houston Internet2 POP. In Houston, we interconnected to the Internet2 IP network and ION.

Internet2 would like to acknowledge the following Members, without whom the network connection would not have been possible:

  • University of Texas System
    UT donated WAN and edge-router engineering, project management, and commodity internet connectivity.
  • Cisco Systems
    Cisco donated a Catalyst 6504-E to serve as the router at the hotel.
    LEARN donated staff time during network planning and deployment process.
  • University of Texas San Antonio
    UTSA donated wireless and wired LAN engineering.
  • Ekinops
    Ekinops donated a 10G DWDM transponder for use in the LEARN DWDM system.

Additionally, Internet2 & UT thank Time Warner for stepping outside their normal business processes to provision dark fiber for the meeting hotel.

Our thanks go out to all of these organizations!