Fall 2009 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Service Provider Interface Study

Time 10/07/09 07:30AM-08:30AM

Session Abstract

Influencing Publisher Interface Design

The JISC Publisher Interface Study has set out to to provide recommendations on the best terminology, best graphics and best discovery processes for publishers to use to support federated (or shibbolised) access on their websites, particularly for users entering through the publisher 'front door'. A main aim is to foster an improved experience for end-users of federated access in different countries and improved take-up of resource usage to suit the needs of both publishers and librarians. The report takes into account that Interface design is also a very complicated process for publishers serving multiple markets in different countries who need to meet the needs of different languages, different sectors and different end-users to provide a seamless experience.

This presentation will set out the findings of this study and the ongoing strategy to influence publishers to improve the 'discoverability' of resources using federated access.

Participants will be invited comment on the findings and contribute to the current plans for effecting the changes recommended by the report.



Speaker Nicole Harris JISC

Speaker Rhys Smith Cardiff University

Speaker Mark Williams JISC

Secondary tracks Middleware

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