Fall 2009 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Telemedicine with DVTS: Endoscopic Training Centers in American Continents

Time 10/07/09 01:15PM-02:30PM

Session Abstract

Doctors do understand the benefits of telemedicine, but it is not popular in clinical practice yet mainly because transmitted moving images are inevitably degraded, initial cost should be prepared for special videoconferencing equipments, and doctors do not know appropriate engineers to help them. We believe that Digital Video Transport System (DVTS) is currently the best solution in terms of quality and cost, and this is why telemedicine using DVTS, first established between Japan and Korea, has been so well accepted by the medical community and is expanding worldwide now over advanced research and education network.
In this session, we would like to try the first medical teleconference with DVTS between North and South America; linking three endoscopic training centers of World Gastroenterology Organization in Canada, Mexico, and Brazil to the venue in Texas. The demonstration can be made successful only when the teamwork between medical doctors and engineering staff work properly in each hospital and among four stations. It will be a good showcase to further expand potential benefits of remote healthcare and will be a milestone of telemedicine in Internet2 society.


Speaker Roberto Oliveria-Dantas University of Sao Paulo

Speaker Miguel Valdovinos-Diazu National Autonomous University of Mexico

Speaker Drew Schembre Virginia Mason Medical Center

Speaker Shuji Shimizu Kyushu University

Secondary tracks Teaching and Learning, K20 International Health Sciences

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