Fall 2009 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Using VoIP and Network Infrastructure for Emergency Communications

Time 10/08/09 08:45AM-10:00AM

Session Abstract

Emergency communications, or more specifically emergency notifications, can be enhanced by leveraging existing VoIP and campus network infrastructure. This session will demonstrate one facet of this capability.
The case study will focus on work done at the Texas A&M University ITEC (Internet2 Technology Evaluation Center) to augment their existing notification capability by leveraging advanced networking, VoIP, and web technologies to effectively communicate to their campus in critical situations. While traditional PA systems rely on analog networks or devices, the next generation of mass communication systems are deployed over IP networks and employ intelligent SIP and PoE-enabled speaker devices. These devices allow for two-way communication, so people in affected areas can report their status immediately in critical situations. Installation and maintenance are also significantly reduced. The IP speakers support automatic network, location and failure discovery, and their statuses can be centrally monitored and managed in real-time through the web-based management interface. The network infrastructure allows extensibility to dispersed geographic locations, facilitating instant communication to multiple campuses.


Speaker Walt Magnussen Texas A&M University

Speaker Ronald Richardson Benbria

Secondary tracks Network Planning and Engineering Cyberinfrastructure

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