Summer 2009 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs

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Sunday Tutorials

Sunday Tutorials

Three (3) In-Depth Tutorials were offered during the Summer 2009 Joint Techs in Indianapolis. All ran from 1-5 pm with a break in the mid-afternoon; the Performance Workshop included hands-on exercises.

BGP Tutorial

The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) has a reputation as an intractable and obscure beast which is at variance with the fundamental role it plays in the operation of the global Internet, as well as large private IP networks. A seemingly innocuous change on one router can have widespread ramifications across multiple domains and even cause large potions of the 'net to cease operating.

We will attempt to demystify BGP by taking a different pedagogical approach to that in most published texts. After a brief recapitulation of the basic principles, the tutorial will concentrate on practical configurations and issues that have been encountered by the presenters. Attendees will learn how the BGP path selection process can be tuned to achieve particular ends, the causes of some recent global routing flaps, how to recognize common problems and our recommendations for best current practice within the R&E community.

Performance Tutorial

Solving network performance problems can be a time-consuming task. Basic tools like ping and Iperf can sometimes generate more questions than answers. Given that these problems can be caused by (1) host configuration settings, (2) Application behavior, (3) problems in peer network infrastructures, or (4) problems in your own network, how can you quickly and easily narrow down the focus?

Register for this 1/2-day tutorial to learn how to use a suite of advanced diagnostic tools and services that will help you manage this difficult task. This hands-on tutorial will let you gain experience using these advanced tools and services to solve real network problems. You will also be shown how easy it is to stand up these tools on your campus, allowing you to continue benefiting from this workshop.

The State of Edge Virtual Networking Tutorial

As computing and networking continue to converge within the end-point a number questions arise about the forwarding architecture, management framework and costs structures of future networking interfaces. The concept of Edge Virtual Bridging (EVB) has received considerable attention within the PCI-SIG, the IEEE 802.1 working groups and other industry ad-hoc activities. This activity has led to three specific approaches; Virtual Ethernet Bridge (VEB), Virtual Ethernet Port Aggregator (VEPA) and a currently proprietary VN-Tag approach. This session will go into deep detail regarding the motivation, architecture and implications of the three approaches.