Summer 2009 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs

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Summer 2009 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs

The Summer '09 ESCC /Internet2 Joint Techs was held in Indianapolis, Indiana, from Sunday July 19-23. (Note: Other meetings were scheduled before and beyond these dates.) Indiana University was the host and the majority of meetings took place at the University Place Conference Center & Hotel.

Meeting Highlights


  • NOC Tours:  Five NOC tours were scheduled.
  • IPv6 Challenge Demo:
    • Daniel Pedley, ORNL won the drawing for an iPod Touch 16G held Tuesday, July 21 at the Reception.
    • 102 of 234 Joint Techs registrants were in the pool of posible winners.
    • Our thanks to HP/Matrix for the donation of the prize!

Focus Areas of the Meeting

Focal Area Co-Chairs
Security Matt Crawford (FNAL) & Shumon Huque (UPenn)
RONs (to Campus) Issues Linda Winkler (ANL) & Lonnie Leger (LONI)
Campus Networking Scott Pinkerton (ANL) & Russ Hobby (UC Davis)


  • Joint Techs, Sunday, July 19 (PM) - Wednesday, July 22 (AM) (Venue: IUPUI Conference Center and Hotel)
  • ESCC Meeting, Wednesday July 22 - Thursday, July 23 (Venue: IUPUI Conference Center and Hotel - Room 118)
  • IPv6 Workshop, Friday July 17 PM - Sunday July 19 AM (Note Venue: Campus Center - Room 148)
  • DCN Workshop, Saturday July 18 - Sunday July 19 (Note Venue: Campus Center - Room 307)
  • NetGurus, Wednesday, July 22 (PM) - Thursday, July 23 (AM)