Summer 2009 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs

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IPv6 Deployment in the Greek Student Network

Time 07/21/09 08:30AM-08:50AM

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Session Abstract

In our presentation, we would like to share the experience gained by carrying out the early phases of IPv6 testing and limited deployment in the Greek Student Network (Diodos). Diodos is a state sponsored ADSL access network that is operated by the Greek Research Network and provides network access to academic users across the country. With 50 institutions involved and more than 20000 academic users connected, assigning IPv6 prefixes to each user according to the respective institution presents some interesting addressing and routing problems, which we describe in detail and propose our solution. Furthermore, we describe the use of PPPv6, DHCPv6 prefix delegation or other possible options to enumerate the LAN behind each user CPE and we elaborate on RADIUS AV pairs, accounting problems, DNS options, ACLs, implementation availability, critical bugs and various miscellaneous details for Cisco-based equipment. Lastly, we describe the state of our testing deployment and lay out the problems that are critical and must be addressed in the future.


Speaker Athanasios Douitsis National Technical University of Athens

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail IPv6 deployment on a broadband access network (pdf)

Speaker Athanasios Douitsis National Technical University of Athens

Speaker Paige Stafford Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Secondary tracks Network Infrastructures IPv6