Spring 2008 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Objective of a Network is to Provide a Service

Time 04/22/08 04:30PM-05:30PM

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Session Abstract

Today, network operators are changing the infrastructures of their fixed and mobile service networks in anticipation of a new breed of services that will be driven by the convergence of applications over IP. This requires a network that is able to provide service in the existing requirements but also is capable of transitioning to the changes that new services will be requiring. A classic example is how voice is being transmitted. In the circuit switched world, a sliver of bandwidth is allocated for a user across the network. But as the transition to VOIP is taking place, the sliver of bandwidth is now more represented in terms of queues, priority assignments and aggregated flows. This requires the network to be able to also handle such traffic. The success of the I2 network is its inherent ablility to accommodate such changes because of the platform its built on. Thus this choice of network design alleviates the risks associated with continued uncertainty of future service location, type and bandwidth and network solutions, allowing easy transition to a programmable bandwidth delivery platform.


Speaker Dan Getachew Ciena

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Secondary tracks Leading Edge Networking: Planning and Engineering

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