Spring 2008 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Science in the Cinema Via Videoconferencing

Time 04/22/08 01:15PM-02:30PM

This livestream has concluded. The archive video will be posted here. Archives can take up to two weeks to be posted.

Session Abstract

Science in the Cinema, in its original form, is a free film and lecture series intended for a broad range of individuals who enjoy the cinema and have an interest in science and medicine. Selected films touch on a variety of medical and scientific topics. Following each film, an expert discusses the science depicted in the film and takes questions from the audience. These discussions also include the ethical implications raised by the film. Science in the Cinema programs, in this form, was only available to live audiences.

Through the use of videoconferencing our Science and the Cinema program uses technology to accomplish the same goals. It allows students to interact directly with scientists and researchers in their respective fields of expertise without leaving their school. These projects also challenge the students by engaging them in discussions on the ethical and moral issues that the advancement of science and technology places on the world community. Projects are being developed that will include experts in the fields of medicine, genetics, anthropology, cellular biology, ecology, and toxicology.
View a Science in Cinema videoconferencing program in progress based on the movie, Jurassic Park and the Nova program, The Real Jurassic Park. Talk to the participating students, teacher, and expert via videoconferencing to gain additional insight in the program. We would end the session with a survey and discussion on such issues as how to expand the project and overcoming some of the roadblocks we've experienced, etc.


Speaker Matthew Conforth NJEDge.Net

Speaker Gregg Festa Montclair State University

Speaker Joseph Lorenz Corielle Institute for Medical Research

Speaker Susanne Lobst Passaic Valley Regional High School

Secondary tracks Extending Advanced Networking Extending Advanced Networking

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