Spring 2008 Internet2 Member Meeting

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The Four Faces of IPTV

Time 04/22/08 08:45AM-10:00AM

Session Abstract

Many campuses are faced with the issue of supporting aging analog cable television plants with limited capabilities. While IPTV looks promising, there are four things that have to come together before we can make it work. The four pieces are: buyin from the content owners, a system of aggregation that leverages our investment in high speed networks cost effectively, effective last mile (on campus) distribution and a model that support campus based high quality content contribution. This panel made up of campus distribution experts, video distribution equipment manufactures and content aggregators will discuss strategies to make IPTV a reality in higher education.


Speaker Brian Benz Campus Televideo

Speaker Rich Griffin CampusEAI Open Student Television Network

Moderator Walt Magnussen Texas A&M University

Speaker Nir Machalowitz Intercast Networks Inc.

Speaker Wes Simpson Media Links, Inc.

Secondary tracks Extending Advanced Networking

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