Spring 2008 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Time 04/22/08 12:00PM-01:15PM

Session Abstract

US LHC Tier2 and Tier3 sites need to continue discussing how campus Physicists will gain access to LHC data sets. Preliminary studies show that Terabyte size datasets will need to be routinely transfered over the network between the LHC Tier1 centers (both US and EU) and the various T2/T3 sites. These data sets must be moved in a timely manner (2-4 hours) with larger demands occurring several times a year. These transfers will impact national backbone, regional, and campus networks. This SIG provides a form for the discussions on how this impact will be mitigated.


Speaker Joe Metzger Energy Sciences Network (ESnet)

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail HENP SIG: LHC Network Measurement Challenges (pdf)

Speaker Joe Metzger Energy Sciences Network (ESnet)

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