Spring 2008 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Developing Scalable Means for Brokering Advanced Network Demonstration Applications

Time 04/21/08 03:30PM-05:30PM

Session Abstract

The FCC's new Rural Healthcare Broadband Network Initiative affords all of us exceptional opportunities to develop advanced networks with direct public benefits as enabling infrastructures. All too often in the past, however, our best efforts to develop such enabling infrastructures have not enabled as much as we had hoped. We believe that immersion and experiential learning for the principals and beneficiaries are the keys and that top-notch demonstration applications in health care and education are the doorways to success but that we now depend primarily on old-boy networks that cannot be scaled for setting them up. Those of us who will meet hope to start what promises to be a long experimental search for an as yet unknown scalable method for brokering such demonstrations wherever they may be needed, nationally and globally. We hope this project will bring together similar interests from several Internet2 interest domains, at least including Healthcare, Education, and Emerging NREN's. This will be the first kick-off meeting.

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