Spring 2008 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Spring 2008 Internet2 Member Meeting

reinvent Through community involvement, Internet2 members are using advanced technologies to foster collaboration among people and enable interactive access to information and resources. The Internet2 community gathered in person April 21-23 to share knowledge and expertise, and to initiate new collaborations. In spring 2008 we returned to Arlington, VA, giving the community an opportunity to share the latest information on timely issues and rapidly evolving areas of interest.

The 661 attendees represented all Internet2 membership categories, taking advantage of our in-person gathering to accomplish an impressive amount during the Working Group, Special Interest Group, and Birds of a Feather meetings. In addition, we welcomed 118 first-time registrants to our member meeting. Another highlight involved participation in several activities surrounding our community-led Strategic Planning Process, and focus groups attracted over 40 attendees who provided input and comments to help construct the Strategic Plan for Internet2.

Both of the meeting general sessions and many of the track sessions are available for viewing on the meeting netcast archive. In addition, you'll find archived presentation materials through the online program. Refer to our photo gallery for some glimpses of the member meeting in action.

Internet2 Thanks the Organizations and Individuals who Contributed to our Meeting!

The success of each Internet2 Member Meeting results from the expertise, contributions, and hard work of many individuals and organizations. Internet2 would like to thank our program committee, our sponsors, as well as Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX) and University of Maryland, for their support of this very important Internet2 community activity.

NOTE WELL: All statements addressed to and related to the activities of Internet2 working groups, working group projects, and Internet2 area initiatives and projects are subject to the Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework, which grants to Internet2 and its members certain licenses and rights in such statements. These statements include conversations, correspondence, and/or all documents, electronic or physical. Statements not addressed to or not related to the activities of Internet2 working groups, working group projects, or Internet2 area initiatives or projects, that are clearly not intended to be input to an Internet2 activity, group or project, are not subject to these provisions. Statements made to a group where written confidentiality agreements are in place are also not subject to these provisions.

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