Fall 2008 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Habitat for Humanity

Holding the Fall 2008 Internet2 Member Meeting in New Orleans provided Internet2 members the unique opportunity to give something back to the community. Internet2 put out a call for Habitat for Humanity volunteers, and for those who responded they worked for Habitat on Saturday, October 11. You can still help this important cause by making a donation to Habitat for Humanity.

Our group was assigned to work in Musicians' Village (located at the intersection of: N. Prieur and Alvar Streets. New Orleans, LA — approximately 3.5 miles from the Sheraton New Orleans). A group meeting took place at the Musicians' Village at the start of the work day from 7:45am-3:15pm.

Transportation and lodging for volunteers was coordinated by Elaine Lauerman. For a nominal fee, Habitat for Humanity provided housing for volunteers at Camp Hope, a converted school where volunteers were provided room and board.