Fall 2008 Internet2 Member Meeting

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100 GigE Research Project

Time 10/14/08 03:00PM-04:00PM

Session Abstract

he 100 Gigabit-per-second (100G) optical networks research center and testbed has been established at The Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. This Industry-led center includes founding research members ADVA, Ciena, OFS, Stratalight, and Verizon. Supporting members include Avanex, IBM and Picometrix.

The 100G Center allows academic and industry personnel to perform multidisciplinary research in all aspects of 100G transmission, supported by the diverse and complementary strengths of the industrial partners and faculty members. Research topics span from fundamental studies of 100G optical transmission with impairments characteristic of real fiber optic networks to assessment of technologies (both optical and electronic) supporting such high-speed optical networks.

The new 100G testbed along with extensive supporting simulation capabilities enable rigorous and independent evaluation of optical and electronic signal processing strategies, new modulation formats, high-speed silicon CMOS based electronics and classical/modern forward error correction - all in realistic optical fiber transport and electronic transceiver environments.

Representatives from GA Tech and participating industry partners will present their interests related to the 100G research project in light of their company goals and their vision for the evolution of optical networks.


Speaker Stephen Ralph Georgia Institute of Technology

Speaker Sorin Tibuleac ADVA Optical Networking

Speaker Robert Lingle OFS

Speaker Ross Saunders StrataLight Communications

Speaker Dan Getachew Ciena

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Georgia Tech 100G Center (pdf)

Speaker Alan Cloutier C-SPAN

Speaker Stephen Ralph Georgia Institute of Technology

media item thumbnail 100G Research Consortium (pdf)

Speaker Robert Lingle OFS

Speaker Sorin Tibuleac ADVA Optical Networking

Secondary tracks Cyberinfrastructure

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