Fall 2008 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Analyzing Research Proposals for CyberInfrastructure Needs and Impact

Time 10/14/08 08:45AM-10:00AM

Session Abstract

We've begun an effort to analyze research proposals for both CyberInfrastructure (CI) impact and needs. The anticipated benefits are:

- To PIs: knowledgeable analyst may know unusual resources that could add to the competitiveness of a proposal or the success of a project.
- To research administration: anticipating cost obligations related to research; more accurate estimation of direct costs of research.
- To IT support providers: more lead time in preparing for new needs and more opportunity to point out better ways to accomplish PI's goals.
- To research community as a whole: possibility of a more unified approach to campus cyberinfrastructure and more comprehensive attention to research support.

A rubric for evaluating proposals has been developed, and "tested" on over 200 proposals. We are now analyzing the results and working to refine the rubric and approach. And we are working with our Sponsored Programs office to determine the best strategies for establishing CI evaluation as a standard part of the research proposal development workflow. We will report on the rubric, what we've learned so far, and the status of making this part of the standard workflow.


Speaker Michael Grady University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Speaker Sally Jackson University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Secondary tracks Cyberinfrastructure

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