Fall 2008 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Social Software for the Advanced Networking-Enabled Teaching & Learning Community

Time 10/14/08 04:30PM-05:30PM

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Session Abstract

With the social networking boom sweeping the connected world the K20 community worldwide is determined not to be left behind. This joint presentation is a one-year-on update on two collaboration-inspiring projects running simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic.

In the UK the JANET Collaborate Prototype provides a place for teachers to find others with similar interests as well as educational videoconference opportunities with Museums. Equipped with the findings of the user surveys and case studies from the recent Pilot phase JANET(UK) now hope to develop the site towards more integration with other JANET Communication Services, connecting the cultural content and the communications technology like never before.

In the US, Muse was launched by the Internet2 K20 Initiative to significantly enhance collaboration, information-sharing and technology opportunities for the over 50,000 K-12 schools, community colleges, libraries and museums in 38 U.S. states now connected to the Internet2 backbone network. User data and case studies will be provided to describe success to date and challenges as Muse considers expansion to other communities within the Internet2 consortium.

Both teams will discuss the grand challenges and futures of social networking for the advanced networking community.


Speaker Tim Boundy Janet

Speaker James Werle Internet2

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Secondary tracks Teaching and Learning/K20

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