Summer 2008 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs Workshop

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Polarization mode dispersion; its behavior, concerns, and mitigation

Time 07/21/08 03:20PM-03:40PM

This livestream has concluded. The archive video will be posted here. Archives can take up to two weeks to be posted.

Session Abstract

Increasing total capacity of Internet backbone requests us to implement higher bit rate signals. Higher bit rate pulse would be degraded severely by fiber impairments, such as Chromatic dispersion and Polarization mode dispersion (PMD). PMD is an only optical fiber characteristic having statistical behaviors over time. Even though recent installed good quality fibers, total PMD amount on specific routes and wavelengths would prevent higher bit rate signal transmissions such as 40Gbps and 100Gbps due to the temporal changes. As the whole physics of PMD has not been well figured out, Indiana University and Fujitsu laboratories of America have been jointly investigating PMD behaviors of installed fibers owned by Indiana University (on going). This presentation will discuss PMD behaviors of installed fibers, concerns on high bit rate transmission, and highly PMD tolerable transmission technologies.


Speaker Youichi Akasaka Fujitsu Laboratories of America

Speaker Matt Davy Indiana University

Presentation Media

Secondary tracks WAN Issues