Summer 2008 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs Workshop

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Performance Working Group

Time 07/22/08 12:30PM-01:50PM

Session Abstract

Carla Hunt (MCNC) will chair the first meeting of the Performance Working Group. The group will be ironing out its charter and determining the focus for the next few years; currently, the chair has determined that the group focus will be on end to end performance, with encouragement of WG participants to be the test user group/integrators of Internet2 tools (as opposed to developers).

The group is also encouraged to provide coordinated community input into the roadmap for Internet2 tools and examples of implementation.

At this meeting, the chair will discuss an idea for a "pilot" and NC (and any other state/connector with interest) that would involve deploying Internet2 tools. (MCNC has a matrix that captures latency between RPoPs in NC. This is currently driven by tavve e-probes at each of our RPoPs. They are in the process of rolling out servers with the Internet2 toolkit to each of the RPoPs. The 'pilot' would be using perfSONAR and the servers at the RPoPs to re-produce the matrix, creating a higher quality, more extensible solution (in term of the number of end-points in the matrix).


Speaker Carla Hunt MCNC

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