Winter 2008 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs Workshop

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Vendor Soup - Anti-Botnet Protection using FireEye Analysis & Control Technology

Time 01/22/08 12:00PM-01:00PM

Session Abstract

FireEye will give a demonstration of the FireEye Analysis & Control Technology (FACT) in the act of detecting and delineating botnets as the infections fly past on monitored networks. The FACT engine unifies virtualization and network security to very accurately identify botnet malware that does not belong in the network. The FACT engine identifies suspicious network activities at high speed for further analysis, and then confirms malicious impact. Potentially damaging network traffic is sent into the virtual victim machines to automatically confirm that it results in a real attack, known or unknown. Now, analysis of dynamic botnet malware can be reliably automated to extract C&C locations, capture botnet command structures, and confirm bot propagation attacks. In this presentation, the audience will see exactly how this technology can be put to work on their networks.


Speaker Stuart Staniford FireEye

Speaker Ashar Aziz FireEye