Winter 2008 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs Workshop

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The VINCI Dynamic Circuit Services

Time 01/22/08 09:45AM-10:05AM

Session Abstract

The VINCI services developed in the MonALISA framework will be deployed on the USLHCNet, and will provide dynamic circuit services for high-performance data transfers in the HEP community. The system is built as a set of distributed agents and services, guaranteeing scalability in a natural way. Data transfers are scheduled based on their class and priority. Pre-emptible transfers will be adjusted in the allocated bandwidth using LCAS, to give high-priority ones the needed resources e.g. in case of a link failure. The system includes an End-Host Agent in order to configure and tune the end-system for high-performance transfer. Pervasive monitoring using the MonALISA system of distributed monitoring agents provides the means for easy problem finding and resolution. For full end-to-end circuit provisioning we are planing to interface to Internet2's DCN and ESnet's OSCARS systems, as well as Lambda Station and TeraPaths.


Speaker Artur Barczyk California Institute of Technology

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Dynamic Circuit Services in US LHCNet (ppt)

Speaker Artur Barczyk California Institute of Technology