Spring 2007 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Key Network Architecture Enablers for Wavelength-on-demand and L1VPN Services

Time 04/24/07 04:30PM-05:30PM

Session Abstract

The concept of services on demand has been around for many years, and has manifested itself in many network architectures. The POTS network is a classic example of a scaleable architecture which ultimately allowed any user to dynamically set up a voice circuit to any other user plugged into the network. With all of the advances in technology and applications over the past several years, it is now not unreasonable to see an application for dynamic on-demand wave services for short-term leases. One can envision the need for a network to deliver high amounts of capacity, ranging anywhere from 1G waves to 10G and beyond, between varying communities of interest in a rapid and economical fashion. Delivery of this capacity with very short leadtime and without incurring extensive operational costs is one of the key conditions necessary to make such a business viable.

This session describes an optical networking architecture that incorporates key elements in support of on-demand wave services and related L1 VPNs. This network architecture parallels the ability of IP networks to satisfy rapid reconfigurability to accommodate unpredictable demands. Based on innovative Photonic Integrated Circuits, the Digital Optical Network combines the scalability of DWDM along with integrated digital bandwidth management and an intelligent GMPLS automated control plane to enable both a scalable plug-and-play mesh network architecture as well as the ability to support bandwidth-on-demand wave services ranging from 155M to 40G and beyond. Leveraging these fundamental capabilities, a few different approaches to enabling high capacity L1VPNs with partitioned GMPLS control planes and management planes are described.


Moderator Christian Todorov Internet2

Speaker Vijay Vusirikala Infinera Corporation

Presentation Media

Secondary tracks Advancing Applications: What's Working? What's Not? What's Needed?

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