Spring 2007 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Next Generation Internet Policy

Time 04/24/07 03:00PM-04:00PM

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Session Abstract

The Internet is entering an exciting new phase. The Grid and Software as a Service (aka "cloudware") means more and more applications are moving onto the network. The 3D Internet, online games, and virtual worlds such as Second Life are enabling new forms of online collaboration, simulations, and entertainment. Wireless broadband services offer the promise of truly ubiquitous connectivity. No longer is the Internet merely a network for transmitting information; it has become a place--a place where users (and their avatars) can build things, interact with others, or just "hang out."

Government policy can play an important role in helping--or hindering--the development and deployment of Next Generation Internet applications. The Internet2 community, as early adopters, will have to deal with the collision of old policies and regulations with new technologies. Among the issues where this collision will be most apparent: 1) Intellectual property, 2) Open standards, 3) Wiretapping and electronic surveillance, and 4) Security, identity, and trust.


Speaker Peter Swire Moritz College of Law of The Ohio State University

Speaker Alan Davidson Google

Speaker Ari Schwartz Center for Democracy in Technology (CDT)

Moderator Michael R. Nelson Bloomberg Government

Secondary tracks What's Next for the Net

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