Spring 2007 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Presence and Integrated Communication (PIC) Update

Time 04/25/07 07:30AM-08:45AM

Session Abstract

This is a meeting intended to rally support for emerging work in the field of "presence," specifically, a project called PIC.edu. Much has been done to date in terms of identifying presence-related features that are appropriate to higher education. Now PIC-WG is working on a presence and integrated communications deployment strategy designed for higher education. Those interested in this area, or in campus deployments of non-proprietary IM deployments generally, are invited to come and contribute your ideas and your energy.


Speaker Jonathan Tyman Internet2

Speaker Dikran Kassabian University of Pennsylvania

Speaker Candice Hollman Harvard University

Speaker Rodger M. Will Ford Motor Company

Speaker Dennis Baron Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Secondary tracks Advancing Applications: What's Working? What's Not? What's Needed? Working Groups

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