Spring 2007 Internet2 Member Meeting

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HOPI Update and Dynamic Services

Time 04/24/07 01:15PM-02:30PM

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Session Abstract

This session will provide an update on the status of the Dynamic Circuit Services (DCS) on the new Internet2 network and on the status of the HOPI dynamic circuit testbed. The DCS Ciena infrastructure deployment is underway, and the first sections of the deployment are operational. At the session we plan to show the ability to create and take down circuits across some of the infrastructure using control software developed by the HOPI Testbed support center. In addition to DCS, the demo will include the HOPI testbed configured to make it appear as 2 domains connected to different points on the DCS network. The demo will show how connections across domains managed by different organizations can be accomplished. Workshops showing how regional and campus networks can create dynamic circuit networks based on HOPI software have been give and more are scheduled.
The MM session will include members of the HOPI Testbed Support Center. General discussion will give status work being done with other organizations to define how to interconnect between networks and to implement new capabilities in both DCS and HOPI. Specific projects include the ability to interconnect ESnet and the new SDN with DCS, the ability of the Ciena infrastructure of DCS to participate in multi-domain path configurations (as in the demo), the incorporation of additional test domains in HOPI, and the status of workshops showing how to implement dynamic circuit capabilities in attached networks.


Speaker Rick Summerhill Internet2

Speaker John Vollbrecht Internet2

Speaker Tom Lehman University of Southern California

Speaker Jerry Sobieski NORDUnet

Speaker Chris Tracy Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX)

Presentation Media

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Speaker Tom Lehman University of Southern California

Speaker Chris Tracy Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX)

Secondary tracks Network Planning and Engineering

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