Fall 2007 Internet2 Member Meeting

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DVTS Workshop (Separate Registration Required)

Time 10/11/07 01:00PM-05:30PM

Session Abstract

DVTS( Digital Video Transport System ) comprises a multi-platform video/audio streaming application and hardware solution using high- bandwidth, low-latency network infrastructure. it is possible to transmit DV quality video and audio across an IP network using DVTS using inexpensive consumer-grade video and audio equipment. DVTS is
currently being used in the Arts and Humanities community for music Master Classes and other live performances. In addition, it has been used in many demonstrations and Internet2 events. It has many other potential applications where high-quality video and audio needs to be transmitted in real-time with low-latency.

The workshop covers theory, design, development and application of DVTS and other digital video applications. We will discuss and share technical, operational and management best practices for using DVTS, multicast distribution and practical media streaming.

Workshop pre-requisites.


- Laptop preferably running WinXP or Vista

- headphones that you can plug into your laptop

- Firewire support - either a laptop with a firewire (IEEE1394) port or a PCMCIA firewire card that can be plugged into the laptop.

- firewire cable(s) that will connect your firewire port to a HandyCam


- a DV camera with Firewire capability (or some compatible device)
or a standard camera along with a digital video converter such as a
Canopus ADVC 100.

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