Fall 2007 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Internet2 Digital Video Initiative

Time 10/10/07 07:30AM-08:45AM

Session Abstract

This is an open meeting of the Internet2 Digital Video Initiative (I2DVI). The I2DVI is a Special Interest Group on the topic of Digital Video that is open to all. Bob Dixon will be talking about new enhanced videoconferencing technology that venders are introducing. These include enhancing the resolution of your video endpoint, providing a video receptionist, providing a collaboration tool built on video conferencing, and doing video conferencing with 30% packet loss and almost no latency. David Devereaux-Weber will be talking about the video groups in the higher-ed community, including Vide, the Research Channel, I2DVI, I2 Research Channel Working Group, and the Open Student Television Network. Dave will also report on the Big Ten Network. Jonathan Tyman will report outcomes of the IPTV pre-conference workshop which is focused on developing a coordinated educational IPTV offering on a national scale. He will outline some of the benefits and challenges--technical, financial and political--of delivering commercial entertainment, international, and locally produced television programming over Internet2. These presentations will be followed by a chance for the audience to present short status reports of activities in which they are involved.


Speaker Jonathan Tyman Internet2

Speaker Bob Dixon The Ohio State University and OARnet

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail New Video Conferencing Developments (ppt)

Speaker Bob Dixon The Ohio State University and OARnet

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