Fall 2007 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Immerse Yourself: Delivering Instruction in Virtual Worlds

Time 10/10/07 10:30AM-11:45AM

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Session Abstract

By drawing upon persuasive technology, interactive computing systems and applications designed to change people's attitudes and behaviors, faculty at Univeristy of North Carlina - Chapel Hill are mapping, designing, and delivering new curriculum across Internet2 that promotes higher order thinking and improved student outcomes.

One feature of this curriculum is its use of virtual worlds. An example of this includes developing experiential learning modules designed to provide developing health professionals and students the opportunity to immerse themselves in virtual clinics, pharmacies, and hospitals. Participant will gain valuable experience and become familiar with these facilities before they are actually assigned internships there.

Similarly, faculty in the School of Information and Library Science are using virtual worlds and advanced networks to extend their classroom spaces and activities by providing "virtual labs" for small group work and experimentation.

Virtual worlds are also being used in more traditional distance education applications as well. For instance, a certificate course that has traditionally been taught face-to-face in our School of Government will be taught over advance networks within Second Life this fall. Beyond delivering interactive content, these resources are being designed to facilitate the crucial networking component of this class.
Content furthering the pursuit of virtual worlds in the high speed networking community


Speaker Charles "Charlie" Green University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Speaker Kathleen Kyzer University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Speaker Ben Fineman Internet2

Speaker Larry Taylor University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Secondary tracks Teaching and Learning, K20

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